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Here at Yankee Timing we are proud to be New England’s Premier Race Timer and we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time. Our experienced team boasts over 35 years of experience and are capable of timing races from 10 to 100,000. The integration of our race timing, results, and registration services is seamless and automatic – so you don’t have to worry about missing registration data or finish results. We do all the work for you so that you can focus on what’s most important to your organization, creating a fun and profitable event. If you want a good experience at your next event, go with the most experienced race timing company around; go with Yankee Timing.

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We are proud certified partner and operate Chronotrack Race Timing hardware. ChronoTrack is the industry-tested and trusted brand for timing solutions in endurance sports, supporting 19 of the 25 largest events in the U.S. Our race timing hardware and software, timing tags, and Yankee Timing’s skilled staff ensure a reliable, seamless experience for athletes and race directors alike.

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