Run the Emerald Necklace of the Merrimack Valley

Welcome to the Wild Rover Race Series! What better way to shake off those winter time blues then with the vibrant emerald green of an Irish race series? Everything kicks off on February 23rd at Archie's Little River Ale House Frozen Shamrock 3-Mile run in Historic Haverhill, Mass. The next weekend the series moves to the Claddagh Pub 4-Mile Classic in Lawrence on March 2nd. The series concludes on March 9th in Lowell, MA for the traditional Hynes Tavern 5-miler. Each city and each race will offer its own unique personality to the series.

It's as easy as 3-4-5!
Want to get ready for the upcoming spring racing season? If the answer is yes, then the Wild Rover Series was meant for you. The distance of each event increases by one mile on three consecutive weekends adding to the challenge and increasing the fun. The Archie's Little River Ale House Frozen Shamrock on February 23rd is three miles, the Claddagh Pub Classic on March 2nd is four miles and the Hynes Tavern Race on March 9th is five miles. So getting fit for the spring is as easy as 3-4-5!

It's happening in Haverhill! Frozen Shamrock 3 Miler

Haverhill, MA -- Haverhill serves as the first stop on the Wild Rover Series. This diverse little city nestled between the Merrimack River and Southern, New Hampshire is home to some of the giants of the sport. This is where the legendary Tony Sapienza ran, worked and lived most of his life; this is where speedster Dave Dunham of Mt. Washington fame lives; this is where race director extraordinaire Dave LaBrode calls home and it is where he annually hosts the very popular Bobby Bell Road Race with its imaginative gender grading scoring system.

Haverhill also plays host to the unique Bradford Valentines Race, the funtastic Baldi River Run. When it comes to road racing it is happening in Haverhill! It will also be happening on February 23rd with the seventh annual Frozen Shamrock 3-Miler. Pub owners Tom Archibeault and John Lovett will welcome you into the Little River Ale House for a delightful after race experience.

The Frozen Shamrock is being directed by Dave Camire of Cool RunningMill Cities Relay , the Good Times Series and now theWild Rover Series fame. This event is Haverhill's largest road race and has quickly established itself as a must do classic. So mark your calendar for February 23rd and make sure you're there for the kickoff event for the Wild Rover Race Series.


Lawrence Loves Runners - Claddagh 4 Miler

Lawrence, MA - The City of Lawrence welcomes runners with open arms and you'll find the same type of reception at the Claddagh Pub 4-Mile Classic. This race is in its 21st year and has grown steadily. The Claddagh is considered by many as the Merrimack Valley's coolest St. Patty's road race and with good reason; just stick around for the after race party you'll find out.

Through the able directorship of Jay Karamourtopoulos the Claddagh has raised thousands of dollars for the Barry Kara foundation (named in memory of Jay's brother Barry). The foundation was setup to help disadvantage youths of Greater Lawrence and with the support of the local running community and the Claddagh Pub hundreds have been assisted.

The Claddagh Pub is also the finishing location for the famed Mill Cities Relay and is host to the annual Vietnam Memorial and Tipp road races held each autumn.

Anyone who has ever run a previous Claddagh race can attest to the fantastic after race party with its terrific live band and delicious post race feed courtesy of Claddagh Pub and co-owner Paul Morton and Brian Farrell and their terrific staff. So on March 2nd not much will matter if you're running and partying at the Claddagh.

There's a lot to like about Lowell - Hynes 5 Miler

Lowell, MA - The series concludes on March 9th with the traditional Hynes' 5-Mile Road Race the Merrimack Valley's largest Irish race. Lowell's favorite 5-mile race returned to the Hynes seven years ago after a five year hiatus. Last year, tavern owner Joe Brue welcomed over 1000 happy runners to his establishment that was the site of the Merrimack Valley's first St. Patrick's Day race back in 1980.

This will be the 33rd time the Tavern has hosted the five mile event. Under the stewardship of race director Sean Donnelly you can expect a perfectly executed event with a wild after race party. Lowell has a long history of excellence in road racing producing runners such as the great Bob Hodge, considered by many the best runner to ever come out of the Merrimack Valley, to current star Ruben Sanca (5K Olympian).

Lowell is also home of the 1st Run, the East End Road Race, Bay State Marathon, the Good Times SeriesThanks4Giving 5K, theSuper 5K and dozens of other terrific events. However it is the Hynes that many consider Lowell's start to the race season. The same race course used 33 years ago is still used today. It passes by the grave stones of famed beat generation writer Jack Kerouac and noted mill girl Rose Maguire (one mile mark). It may be the oldest race in the series, but it doesn't act its age and neither will you if you stick around for the post race party long enough.